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Why inflatable castles are popular in shopping malls now?


The inflatable castle is very popular in the atrium of the mall! At present, many shopping malls have introduced such inflatable castles! It has become a popular trend to place inflatable castles in the atrium of shopping malls!

But the inflatable castles in the atrium of the mall are different from those we often see outdoors! It is generally consistent with the theme of the mall. For example, the IP building in the inflatable castle is designed according to the theme of the mall, so the finished product is more distinctive. Because they are placed in the atrium, such inflatable castles are generally circular in design, which seems to match the overall style of the mall, not so abrupt!

In addition to the shape, the playing principle of the inflatable castle is the key factor to attract children to go in and consume again. For shopping malls, because they are fixed and not affected by the weather, the membership system is generally implemented in the operation of such inflatable castles, and the rich rules of play are the main reason to attract parents to recharge their children for membership. Wolong amusement manufacturers will put a lot of effort into the design of play methods for inflatable castles such as shopping malls and atriums. Generally, they will add more challenging play methods such as boxing, obstacles, and hurdles. The variety and Xinying's playing methods also make the inflatable castle very popular in shopping malls!