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Do you know how to inflate the inflatable game?


Inflatable game is not difficult to understand literally. It is a device with different shapes formed by inflating. After being filled with gas, various interesting shapes will appear. Therefore, in the design of inflatable game, there will be air inlets and outlets, which can be blown by using a special fan for the air model, so as to form a bouncing surface suitable for children to jump on, so that children can play on it at will. As an operator, how much do you know about some things you should pay attention to when inflating an inflatable game?

During the operation, the gas should be filled properly to ensure that the children can play better. If the inflatable game is inflated too full, the product may be particularly tight, so that when children jump on it, the elasticity of the equipment will be weak, and they may not feel the fun of the equipment. Moreover, if the equipment is too hard, it is easy to harm the children.

If the inflatable game is insufficiently inflated, it may make the shape unable to stand. If children jump on it, it is not easy to bounce. When children jump on the bouncing surface, it is easy to collapse when they step on it, so that children are prone to fall down.

Therefore, in order to enable children to better play on the inflatable game, the air in the inflatable game must be adequate, and it must not be overfilled or under inflated. When inflating the inflatable game, if the equipment is found to be inflated too much, it will become more and more tight. In this case, you can properly relax the inflation port, which can increase the air flow, so that the equipment will not be inflated too much. When children play on the equipment, the safety of children is very important!

Generally, manufacturers of inflatable games will configure fans according to the size of inflatable castles. Different inflatable games have different power and number of fans. As operators, they can inflate in strict accordance with the manufacturer's configuration.