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How to do the maintenance of the inflatable swimming pool

  The maintenance of the inflatable pool is mainly related to the maintenance of PVC materials and the treatment of water quality. First of all, for the maintenance of PVC materials, the inflatable pool is a pool after all, so the situation of green moss will also appear in the inflatable swimming pool, be sure to clean it. Clean the surface stains after each quarter, remember to use a soft towel to wipe, if necessary, with a mild detergent water and a cleaning. After the surface is cleaned, the aerated pool can be dried and packaged and stored in a warehouse.

The treatment of water quality is relatively troublesome. Inflatable pools, like ordinary pools, do not replace all the water in the treatment of water, so it is necessary to use the potion properly and the water circulation system. In the use of syrup, learn how to use different syrups, use copper sulphate to kill algae and bacteriostatic, use trichloroisocyanuric acid to sterilize and disinfect, use sodium hydroxide to adjust the PH of the pool water, use polyaluminium chloride to hydrate the water The impurities precipitate. After the syrup is used, the impurities can be absorbed after the impurities have settled.

Pay attention to the following points in daily maintenance.
1. Before the toy is deflated, clean the surface of the toy with a semi-dry towel, deflate after drying, and store in a cool and clean place.
2. The blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture.
3. If stored for a long time, and should be regularly checked for moisture. It should be blown up and wiped clean in a ventilated place.