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How should the inflatable water park deal with the rainy weather?


Although we can't control the bad weather, but we still can use some methods to reduce the harm caused by bad weather. Today, we introduces some methods and measures for the inflatable water park to deal with the rainy weather.

First of all, the most fearful of rainy weather is the electrical equipment in the inflatable water park. When the rainy weather is coming, the first priority is to evacuate the tourists in time, cut off the power supply, and at the same time put some electrical equipment such as fans, distribution boxes, sand tanks, suction pumps in a place where it will not be exposed to rain, to avoid short circuit and electric shock accidents.

In addition, check and confirm whether the environment around the inflatable water park is affected by the rainy weather and there may be dangerous situations, because many investors' grounds are leveled in the later stage. Therefore, after the heavy rain, the ground is likely to have a depression. Need to carefully check the ground conditions of the park and deal with it in a timely manner. The surrounding trees, poles, etc. should also be carefully checked to see if they are affected, and there is a danger of dumping.

The most troublesome thing about rainy weather is the treatment of water. Rainy weather will bring a lot of water to the inflatable water park. These waters must be drained in time. On the other hand, it is necessary to work on the water quality of the inflatable water park. After the heavy rain, the water level of the pool will definitely be too high and the water quality will be unsatisfactory. At this time, investors need to drain the pool in time and professionally handle the water quality.