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Inflatable obstacle course investment return analysis


We alway can see the inflatable obstacle course in the variety show. The emergence of the inflatable obstacle course has not only added content to the variety show, but also created a lot of laughter to make the variety show more entertaining. Then is it suitable for investment in inflatable obstacle course that have moved off the screen? In fact, the profitability of inflatable obstacle course is unquestionable.

First, the inflatable obstacle course is a comprehensive investment project that combines entertainment, competition and fitness. It also has a variety show for free on it. It is definitely a good place for tourists. In addition to investing in inflatable obstacle course, it usually only pays for the product cost of purchasing equipment and land lease fees. Therefore, the cost of inflatable obstacle course is not high.

Secondly, the production cycle of the product is short, so the completion time of the inflatable obstacle course is fast, that is, investing in the project will greatly shorten the preparation period and open as soon as possible, which is conducive to early recovery of costs. The inflatable obstacle course is not bound by the site, and has strong initiative, which can be changed according to the change of human flow, change the operation point, make the operation stable and help to increase turnover.

For an amusement product, safety is an important assessment criterion. Inflatable obstacle course are essentially air-molded products. It is filled with air. There is a buffer between the air surface and the collision object. Therefore, if a child has a bump, it is not easy to cause damage. It is a safer entertainment project. Inflatable products are not only safe, but also have more different play experiences than usual entertainment projects.