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Maintenance and use of inflatable products blower


Inflatable product is popular among the masses, it is not subject to seasonal restrictions and can be operated all year round. Such excellent products are naturally very popular. The fan of the bouncy castle is often overlooked as the source of the power of the inflatable castle. In fact, the fan is like a heart to the inflatable castle. The normal operation of the fan is the key to ensure the operation of the inflatable castle.

First of all, let's talk about the place to pay attention to the installation of the fan, because the installation of the fan is not only the first step of the use, but also an important step. When the fan is installed, the pipeline and the curve should be smooth, and the air resistance should be reduced as much as possible to avoid losing the energy of the fan. In addition, the air inlet should have a good air flow position and sufficient air intake space to ensure the normal operation of the fan.

After the fan is installed, it is best to have a test. First check whether the power supply is consistent with the fan nameplate (voltage tolerance ± 5%), and then check whether the wiring is consistent with the wiring diagram. The grounding plug must be grounded, leaving no safety hazards. The fan can be operated normally for a few minutes after power-on, and it is checked whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal operation.

Then it is the matter that should be paid attention to when the fan is used daily. It is necessary to prevent the hard objects and ropes from falling into the fan to avoid internal damage of the fan. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to flush the fan with liquid substance. When cleaning, the power must be disconnected and wiped with a dry cloth, collision and vibration of the fan are strictly prohibited. Please pay attention to the ambient temperature of the fan, the ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ° C, beyond this temperature has a great impact on the motor life.