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What is the difference for indoor and outdoor water park


Inflatable water park, is for people play water in the removable amusement equipment. There are differences between the indoor and outdoor water parks, such as drainage, storey, and the height of water plays. Here, BIGENJOY inflatable share the difference between indoor and outdoor water park with you.

Outdoor water park area is relatively large, about 500-1000 square meters, of course, also have some are 3000 even 5000 square. This waterpark is huge, the need for a long time to ready, you need to coordinate with the customer for a lot of things. Outdoor waterpark is not limited, both adults and children can get in, of course, infants can not go in, the customer base is particularly wide range.

The indoor water park is mainly for children, the area from 50-800 square meters, because of the floor and the load-bearing restrictions, the installation period is short, but large rotary slide is unable to get indoors, Therefore, indoor water park mostly 3-15 year-old children.