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How to clean the inflatable arch after use


Inflatable arches as a very convenient and effective advertisement for public, has been a necessary for stores open or many activities. But after we use of the inflatable arch, how to clean it? BIGENJOY inflatable share about the relevant content for everyone today.

1. The edges of the inflatable arches can not rub too much, otherwise it will cause discoloration off.

2. Clear the surface of the inflatable arches, use a soft cotton cloth, because hard cloth is very easy to scratch the surface. If the stain is too heavy, you can use a neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture for the cleaning, stain and dry.

3. Note that the cloth immersed in neutral reagent or get wet should not be placed for a long time, otherwise it will infiltrate the surface, to make the surface discoloration or peeling.