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Origin and development of advertising inflatables


For the advertising inflatables, I am afraid many people are still unfamiliar, do not much understanding of it. So, what is advertising inflatable, it is not originated in our country, today Bigenjoy inflatable share this knowledge to everyone.

Advertising inflatables also known as inflatable model. Advertiser Tomsen, the earliest pioneer of inflatable cartoons in the United States, he asked his workers make the model based on a few cute animal cartoons in the cartoon Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse to promote children's products. Without expect this new form of publicity will be accepted soon, and many advertisers imitate.

Make a order for this advertising inflatable, you just need to pay a one-time cost of about USD1000, but the use life of advertising inflatable model usually is 2-3 years, the average daily cost of paying just few cents. Therefore, advertising inflatable is the best way for advertisement. In the future inflatable model will gradually become a wise choice for businesses, it will catch up with other media.