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Bigenjoy Inflatable - production process of inflatable playground


Inflatable playground have become children's play facilities in many major cities. But do you know the production process of the inflatable playground? Today, Bigenjoy inflatable show you the secret!

First, the technical department will make a design and drawing according to the customer's requirements. Then they will develop the final drawing to the material department, material department required to calculate and cut materials according to the final drawing, and also need to process the production plan and material to the various of production.

Next is for the sewing department. Sewing department will stitching the material and the inside cloth, arc and corner will do a reinforce to prevent the unskilled technology and the phenomenon of open plastic. The landscaping process using a coating process, so it will be more anti-ultraviolet function to protect the inflatable playground, so it will not fading even used for a long time.

When all these processes are finish, test department use the blower inflate, at this time the inflatable playground is almost finish, but the test department will also do some detail treatment such as sticky bars for reinforcement in the force of large places, blower test pressure, etc.