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Deflate the inflatable obstacle course


Deflate also call exhaust, ususally when we stop paly the inflatable obstacle course, we need to deflate and store. Many persent think that is so easy and no need to pay attention, but we have to remind that this time is the most accident-prone time for the dangerous.

Deflate is a very simple process,even easier than inflate, but you also need to pay attention to the following points:

Turn off the blower, you can let the air exhaust by itself and then fold the obstacle course, also can use other things on the top to slowly exhausted air, until all the air out. Of course, you can use a more quickly method, directly with the blower to extract the air.

When you are deflating, must full confirma that no person or anyother things on the inflatable obstacle course, that is more easy to overlook when deflate and fold and that is why many operators will get so many shoes and cloth when they use next time.