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Attention to Inflatable amusement playground installation

  1. Before playing the inflatable park, make sure there are no sharp things or items around or in the game to avoid breaking the inflatable. And then find the air mouth to lift the rope, make fast the blower, then turn on the power to inflate.

2. Inflatable castle can be played for many children. But the adult need to control the child's density, too many people will be very dangerous, so it is better to paly in divided period. After play a long time inflatable toys will slowly shrink, so before the child continues to play, be sure to re-inflate to keep a good saturation.

3. Large inflatable amusement park suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years, children under 8 years need be accompanied by their parents and play together. Whether adults or children can not carry any metal or any other hard objects of sharp items into the game, avoid stabbing themselves or stabbing others.

At last, BIGENJOY inflatable warm reminder: suffering from heart disease, brain disease is not suitable to play inflatable castle or moderate play.