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Pay attention when play the inflatable slide


As we know, inflatable slide will full of air and have good elasticity, that children can jump or run without hurt even they fall over, so the inflatable slide is well-loved by the children. Although its safety and funny, but if misuse, also will occur some small probloms. Now, Bigenjoy inflatable manufacturers show you something about the use of inflatable slide and some need to pay attention.

1. Before the child play in the inflatable slide, the staff must need to check if have a leak, because the leaks will cause the child to suffocate, that is very dangerous.

2. Before the children climb the slide, they must take off their shoes and without any metal or hard stuff, because that will scratch the equipment or hurt themselves and others.

3. Parents and staff need to take care of their children in the next, to avoid the children get hurt from the intense running and collision bumps accident.

In addition, Bigenjoy inflatable warm reminder, because the children are so excited to play that will get a lot of sweat, parents should pay attention to the children and wipe in time to avoid the children catch cold.