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How to maintenance your inflatable castle


Make a good package. Cut off the power, folding bundle. When the inflatable toy is not used, first cut off the power, with a semi-dry towel to clean the toy surface, after dry and then open the fan interface and exhaust, deflate, fold it, fold to the bottom stop, cover the tarpaulin. Pay attention to moisture, anti-corrosion and insect insects bite, set in a cool and clean place.

Keep dry, do not get wet. Inflatable products and blower must be placed in a dry and ventilated place, in the maintenance need to always check the inflatable state, if not careful get wet, should be placed immediately dry and ventilated until the water dry so far. Damp is easily corroded the PVC material, shorten the life of inflatable toys, causing great security risks.

Take preventive measures, safety is more important than anything. All the user need to learn the maintenance of inflatable products knowledge, warn in advance and make a safe operation, be sure that everyone will get the happy from the inflatable toys.