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A hole in your Inflatable water slide? Patch it!


We will match one set of accessories to per inflatable products, the accessories including: Repair kit, glue.

When you find the hole in your inflatable water slide or other inflatables such as water walking ball, zorbing ,inflatable bouncer. With these instructions, you can patch any hole in your inflatable water slide, and be out there enjoying the summer sun in no time.

1. Find the hole in the bouncy castle by spraying the area around where you think the hole might be with soapy water. Inflate the water slide and soapy bubbles should appear where the hole is.

2. Clean around the hole with clean cloth, then dry the area thoroughly. Estimate the size of patch you will need.

3. Cut the piece of vinyl to the correct size.

4. After the material get dry, apply the adhesive to the area around the hole and to the edges of the vinyl patch.

5. Join the patch and the bouncer together, applying pressure until the adhesive is dry. The best way is use a heavy stuff like heavy book, or press a heavy scoop on the deflated patched area for about several minutes to ensure the adhesive really holds with a watertight seal.