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Giant chow mein noodle-SG0288B

  • Brand- Bigenjoy

    No.: SG0288B

    Size: 30' x 30' x 6'

    Material: PVC Tarpaulin



Giant chow mein noodle

The referee yells “GO” and the players who are attached to their bungee cord make their way to the ball pit and grab as many balls as they can, then pedal backward and toss them in their mesh bag! Player with the most balls wins!


Giant chow mein noodle


30' x 30' x 6'


0.55mm thickness heavy-duty, laminated and coated PVC tarpaulin

Minimum area

35' x 35' x 8'

Height limit

42" minimum

Weight limit

250lbs maximum


Strong PVC bag for stick soccer dart and carton for the air blower

If you are interested in this Giant chow mein noodle, pls contact us anytime.

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