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Hanging Inflatable LED Flower-LD0035B

  • Brand- Bigenjoy

    No.: LD0035B

    Size: Dia.2m

    Material: Polyester Taffeta



Hanging Inflatable LED Flower

This Hanging Inflatable LED Flower providing light guidance to your romantic gathering. The Hanging Inflatable LED Flower will give you the magical experience that you've been dreaming of. Whether for small casual events such as birthday parties, or big formalevents such as banquets.


Polyester Taffeta


White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, alternate with white and gold strip; alternate with white and silver strip.


1. Thin and good transmittance with high strength
2. Flame retardant and waterproof fabric
3. Logos or graphics are available to be printed on.
4. The balloon can be hung and standing on the tripod

Type of Lamps

Halogen (can be dimmable), LED (DMX is available)

Power of Lamps



110V / 220V

Type of Plug

According to customer requirements


Applying new sewing technology to make the pinhole very small to resistant the air loss.

Our decor & lighting designs can be optionally branded with corporate logos or messages. The branding options are low cost andhigh-impact on ROI. We have worked with advertising, marketing companies, event managers, galleries, schools, theatres,councils and corporate clients, so you can be sure of a professional service.

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