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Unpowered bouncing clouds


Unpowered rides bring great joy and challenges to children, and also provide them with opportunities to engage in more active recreational activities, such as climbing, gliding, and spinning. These entertainment projects are difficult to carry out with other facilities. A well-designed playground will not only increase rides, but also improve its entertainment functions. Designers should be very careful when choosing amusement facilities. The selected amusement facilities should provide children of different ages and different interests with more choices of ways to play.

Bouncing Cloud is different in structure design from ordinary inflatable bouncer and is permanently fixed on the ground. The size can be customized according to the site. It is not afraid of the wind, and it is more convenient to manage. The Bouncing Cloud is a completely enclosed space. After the fan is filled, there is no need to continue to supply air. When the air pressure is insufficient, it will automatically replenish air, which is very convenient. In addition, its requirements on land are very low, whether it is hard land or sandy land, it can be built.

Children's Bounce Cloud is a new type of unpowered children's interactive experience facility with strong interaction effects, like layers of clouds. The overall structure is spliced with membrane structure, which is soft, comfortable and full of elasticity. The appearance can be customized freely, which is an ideal place for leisure, fitness and entertainment.