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Kids are so love the inflatable slide


Inflatable slide is the most attractive of the inflatable game. What is it about the slide that give children such mass appeal? Today, Bigenjoy inflatable manufacturers share the mystery with you!

1. More children play in the inflatable slides, attract more other children to play
Group psychology of children will make the inflatable slide becomes very lively, rarely see a child playing slides, many children play is more fun. Children of the same age play together play is more easy to enhance the fun of playing.

2. The risk of inflatable slides can be controled
For children, slip from high and small frictions are a great challenge and risk, but the inflatable slide is soft and comfortable, and both sides of the slide have guardrail protection, both of these will keep the danger out when the children play.

3. Inflatable slides give the child speed and excitement
Slip from the inflatable slide soft material, rubbing the skin, is a way to know the natural, feel the real rhythm of life. Speed bring the children most primitive enjoyment, just as adults in the pursuit of speed from racing, gliding, sprinting, surfing, etc.