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The Freestyle Big Air bag of Bigenjoy


Since 2006 the first freestyle airbag was born, the number expected of freestyle athletes increased rapidly, the need for a safe airbag grew stronger. Except the large team such as Olympic trainning,  freestyle athletes, Hollywood stuntmen and engineers, more and more people who love jumping sport need it. But the reality of the situation, less people can afford it. Because even the cheapest one in Europe or USA, maybe will cost you more than 10000 dollers.

Why don't you get it from China? For example, Bigenjoy inflatable manufacturer - the Biggest big air bag manufacturer in China. May be you will worry about the Safty and doubt about the quality, but when you read the contents of the following, i am sure you will trust me and believe in the airbag Bigenjoy producted.

Bigenjoy Inflatable Co., Ltd. founded in 2009, at the beginning, they just product the normal inflatable products, like bounce house, water slide, inflatable tent, etc. But one chance, there is a regular customer from USA ask if they can product a airbag for the men 20m high freely dropping. Many people of Bigenjoy think it is carzy and dangerous, but the boss agree with the only requirement he need more time.

Next, for studying how the airbag product, the boss has bought two airbags, one is the fire rescue airbag from China, and the other one is the realy freestyle airbag from Austria. They dismantle and learn the two bags, what they diffrent and why they both can bear such high dropping. Finally, they has manufactured a air bag for the first test. The boss take two workers, and the regular together, they drop form the fourth floor one by one. At last, they sums up a same failure, that was the bag is too hard that people were rebound when drop on it, and that is not safe. So the test airbag is a failure.

To solve this problem, the boss made two decisions. One is send two designers to Austria and Netherlands to find out why the airbag is so hard, another is choose other best material even more better than the Europe. After two weeks, the designers come back with the solution. They find out that they just make a wrong buffer system for the big airbag. They solved the problem exactly and product the second bag. Finally, they succeeded, and another good news is that their production costs is less than half of what it made in Europe.

So, Bigenjoy have created a safe freestyle airbag for countless sports enthusiasts of all skill levels from complete beginners to professionals, group or individual, both young and old. Today Bigenjoy's big air bags have export to many countries and become an integral part in the stunts extreme sports training across the world.