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  • Brand- Bigenjoy

    Size: 180*17*134cm

    Gamut: 30 sounds

    Material: stainless steel+aluminum



Commander-380 to extend from both sides of the 30 aluminum alloy sound tube, two different color sound pipes like angels spread wings. The music melody is melodious and long-lasting, it can be used in any outdoor scene. The music sound when tapping can bring you enough penetrating power and extraordinary sensory experience. The wide desige to suitable for multiplayer playing together.

Size: 1800*170*1341mm
Gamut: 30 sounds
Body: SS.(stainless steel)+HDPE+Special pronunciation aluminum tube
Package: 1800*960*160 mm(Eco-friendly wooden box)

Weight: 57KG(NW) 88KG(GW)

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