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Inflatable Obstacles Running Race - OC0159B

  • Brand- Bigenjoy

    No.: OC0159B

    Size: 12x4x5m

    Material: PVC Tarpaulin



Inflatable Obstacles Running Race

The inflatable obstacle course is made of 0.55mm Plato PVC which is very durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, has no chemical toxic gas in high temperature to hurt kids. All of the material we selected the top grade material to ensure long use life.
This inflatable obstacle course used in amusement park, public garden, leisure center, outdoor campaign, commercial display and so on.

Can you conquer the course? If you are up to the challenge, grab a buddy and jump through the starting rings. Fight your way through the many pop ups and crawl through the tunnel. Push your way past the side bars, then more small pop ups and some big ones. Now after all that make your way up and over the rock wall and down the slide. So much fun, this obstacle course will surely wear out your youngsters.

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